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The “divine” Amalfi Coast (50 km) goes from Positano to Vietri sul Mare. Built at the behest of Gioacchino Murat, it’s one of the most beautiful streets of the world, Unesco heritage since 1997. Famous destination for vacations, it’s characterized by steep cliffs and a jagged coast which is dotted with small beaches and pastel fishermans’ villages. Th coast’s street, between the beautiful city of Salerno and the rocky coast of Sorrento, winds through luxurious villas and terraced vineyards and lemon groves overlooking the sea.


Live an unforgettable experience strolling among vineyards overlooking the sea.

Wine tasting:  3 wines and tasting menu of typical local food.


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Rome, capital city of Italy, is a big and cosmopolitan city with an artistic, architectural and cultural history which has influenced the whole world and which dates back to nearly 3000 years ago. The ancient ruins as the Forum and the Colosseum show the power of the old Roman Empire. In the Vatican City, seat of the Catholic Church, there are the Cathedral of St. Peter’s and the Vatican Museums, which hold masterpieces as the Sistine Chapel painted by Michelangelo.


One of the biggest and most fascinating cities of art of the Mediterranean, Naples borders on its wonderful gulf that extends from the Sorrentine peninsula to Phlegraean Fields. It offers a great suggestive view, with the imponent volcano Vesuvius and, in the distance, the three magnificent islands of Capri, Ischia and Procida which seem like little jewels came from the sea. In addition to its wonderful landscapes, Naples owes its earned fame also to the charm of its old town which narrates 2500 years of history and it has been inserted in 1995 in the list of the Unesco Heritage.


The city of Pompeii, totally buried by the volcanic material during the terrible eruption of the Vesuvius in 79 A.C., shows us the (almost untouched) ruins of an advanced civilization which continues to surprise visitors impressed by the atmosphere of the I century B.C.The modern city of Pompeii was founded after the building of the “Sanctuary of the Beata Vergine del Rosario  of Pompeii”